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Red Mesa Field Office

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Red Mesa

Red Mesa

Red Mesa Field Office for Emergency Medical Services is located in Red Mesa Arizona on Junction U.S. Highway 160 and Navajo Route 35; RMEMS office is located within the Four Corners Regional Health Center and is cited in the back of the health center adjacent to the Emergency Care Department.

The Red Mesa Field EMS office operates 24 hours a day and seven days a week, regardless of holidays.

Red Mesa is a small community, consisting of a Trading Post, high school, and elementary school that have been serving the area for several decades. The State lines of the Southeastern neighboring states of Arizona are only several miles and minutes from Red Mesa. Utah is approximately 2.5 miles, New Mexico is 20.11 miles and Colorado is 22.04 miles.

Passerby’s driving thru Red Mesa is the neighboring states are astounded to see the endless view of bold brushes and wild flowers of the Navajo land that uniquely blend with the red skyscraping mesa on one end to a peaking mountain of bountiful wholeness of nature to the other. The landscaping itself doesn’t attract locals or visitors, but an annual event that has been a tradition for decades, horse racing. Still, now it is celebrated as “Dash for Cash”- a relay team of horse racers that trek for several miles for the cash prize.

Red Mesa Field Office is one of the many field offices on the Navajo Reservation to better serve the local and surrounding areas of Red Mesa for emergency medical attention. The RMEMS team consists of very qualified Emergency Medical Technicians and personnel.

RMEMS take responsibility for assisting and engaging in standbys, special operations, and requests from other field offices across the Navajo Nation; also take initiative from the Red Mesa community and surrounding areas for standby request for the sport related events and provides awareness presentation for educational requests from sounding schools.

Red Mesa EMS office offers CEU training instructed by the EMT Intermediate and Basic. Ultimately, the Red Mesa EMS office’s goal and objective as a unit is to progress and strive to build quality care and service to Red Mesa and surrounding communities, as well to advancement to our EMT’s to progress to upper levels as emergency medical technicians.

Contact Information:
Phone: (928) 656 - 5542
Phone: (928) 656 - 5540/5544
Fax: (928) 656 - 5541

Junction U.S. Highway 160 & Navajo Route 35
Department of Emergency Medical Services
Red Mesa EMS
HCR 6100, Box 30
Teec Nos Pos, Arizona 86514

Red Mesa Field Administration:
Ian Begay , EMT Supervisor
Ursyla Todachine , Office Specialist
Navajo Nation Department of Emergency Medical Service
P.O. Box 3360
Window Rock, AZ 86515

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