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Kayenta Field Office

Field Offices/Kayenta


The Kayenta Field Office of the Department of Emergency Medical Service (DEMS) is located in northern Arizona. The community of Kayenta is located in the center of six tourist attractions; north is Monument Valley, Utah (The 8th Wonder of the World), east is Chinle, Arizona (Canyon de Chelly), south is Black Mesa (Navajo National Monument), northwest is Navajo Mountain (Rainbow Bridge), west is Page, Arizona (Lake Powell) and northeast is Teec Nos Pos, Arizona (Four Corners) within the Navajo Nation.

The Kayenta Field Office EMS operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week; It is located within the Kayenta Indian Health Center with twelve personnel. Personnel are licensed thru the New Mexico EMS Bureau and Training thru the New Mexico EMS Academy.

The Department of Emergency Medical Services is within the Navajo Nation Division of Public Safety. Thirteen field offices are branched out throughout the Navajo reservation. Other available public safety agencies are the Kayenta Navajo Nation Police Department, Department of Criminal Investigator, Kayenta Volunteer Fire Department, BIA Fire Service, Navajo County Sheriff and Arizona DPS.

The Kayenta Field Office utilizes 2 rotor wings; classic lifeguard, Page Arizona and air care, Farmington, New Mexico due to the remote & terrain, condition of the roads and response time. Kayenta Emergency Medical Service responds to Oljato, Goulding's and Mexican Hat, Utah where verbal agreement exists with the Utah San Juan County EMS. Other communities are Dennehotso, Chilchinbeto and Mexican Water Arizona, which is jointly serviced with Teec Nos Pos EMS and Chinle EMS.

The communities of Rough Rock and Forest Lake is serviced jointly with Chinle EMS. Black Mesa us serviced jointly with Inscription House EMS and Black Mesa Peabody Ambulance. The closest hospitals are Tuba City IHS hospital and Chinle IHS hospital.

There are several convenience stores, Arts and Crafts shops, True Value, General Store, Visitor Center, Motels, restaurants, fast food restaurants, Bashas', Senior Citizens Center, Dialysis Center, Township Office, Chapter House, Tribal & County Courts, Arizona Department of Transportation, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, Boys/Girls Club, Workforce Development, Schools (public and boarding school), Colleges (Northern Pioneer College & Dine' Community College), Post Office, Theater, Churches, Mobile Home Park, Navajo Housing Authority, and several housing projects.

In the remote areas; the traditional Navajo people only speak Navajo, Cultural differences exist, most roads are unpaved or graded and other places only dirt roads or trails exist.

In addition to pre-hospital response, the Kayenta Field Office provides public awareness and education presentations; 911(which goes directly to police dispatcher), CPR and First Aid courses available to the communities. In service training are held every month for continuing education hours for EMT's.

Kayenta, Arizona is one of the most spectacular places on the Navajo Nation, you have to be here to experience it. we extend an invitation and hope you visit our office located on HWY 163, across from Navajo Tribal Utility Authority building.

Contact Information:
Phone: (928) 697 - 4074
Phone: (928) 697 - 4075
Fax: (928) 697 - 4286

Kayenta Indian Medical Center
Navajo Emergency Medical Service
P.O. Box 368
Kayenta, Arizona 86033

Kayenta Field Administration:
Chris Kescoli , EMT Supervisor
Mary Ann Jim , Office Assistant
Navajo Nation Department of Emergency Medical Service
P.O. Box 3360
Window Rock, AZ 86515

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