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Crownpoint Field Office

Field Offices/Crownpoint


Department of Emergency Medical Services Crownpoint Field Office is located in Northwestern New Mexico in McKinley County 65 miles Northwest of Gallup and 80 miles South of Farmington, New Mexico on New Mexico State Highway 371.

Crownpoint is a popular community with its monthly Navajo Rug Auction, which is held on the third Friday of each month, other attractions includes the Annual Eastern Navajo Fair and Rodeo usually held the last weekend of July. Crownpoint is within an hour drive to Chaco Canyon National Historical Park and Bisti (badlands) National Park, which offer primitive camping and hiking.

The Crownpoint EMS Field Office covers a large portion of the Navajo Reservation. The boundary is primarily populated by Navajos and is known as the checkerboard area, this is due to the fact that jurisdiction over these lands is a mix of tribal, federal, state, county, and private lands. Our Field Office provides EMS service to the surrounding communities North to Bisti, East to the far Eastern portions of the Navajo Reservation to Whitehorse Lake, Pueblo Pintado, Torreon and Ojo Encino and South to Smith Lake, Mariano Lake and West to Standing Rock.

The Crownpoint Field Office is staffed with six EMT Basics and one EMT Intermediate who are licensed by the State of New Mexico, Santa Fe EMS Bureau our EMT's are able to provide basic/advanced life support also have one EMT Intern and one Office Assistant. We also have two well-stocked ambulance units that are equipped with pre-hospital medical supplies and equipment.

DEMS is a twenty-four hour operation seven days a week with two-shift coverage's (7 am-7 pm 7 pm-7 am) we are located within the Crownpoint Healthcare Facility where we provide assistance in the Emergency Room and Inter-facility transports to the local airstrip for patients who require higher level of care they are transported by helicopter or fixed winged planes to Albuquerque UNM-hospital or San Juan Regional Medical Center in Farmington, NM also do interfaculty transports from satellite clinic in Pueblo Pintado.

Some patients are also transported by ground ambulances to Gallup Indian Medical Center in Gallup, NM. Our Field Office usually receives about 60 to 80 calls per month and funding is provided with the Navajo Nation and through the State of New Mexico EMS Bureau for medical supplies and equipment.

Crownpoint is not only a rest stop between areas of local attractions on the Navajo Reservation but an interesting community for those who live and work here. We invite you to come and visit while here on the Reservation.

Contact Information:
Phone: (505) 786 - 6273
Phone: (505) 786 - 6277
Fax: (505) 786 - 6440

Crownpoint Indian Medical Center
Navajo Emergency Medical Service
P.O. Box 358
Crownpoint, New Mexico 87313

Crownpoint Field Administration:
Timothy Hicks, EMT Supervisor

Sophia J. Benally, Office Assistant

Navajo Nation Department of Emergency Medical Service
P.O. Box 3360
Window Rock, AZ 86515

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